How to Apply to The Idlewild Trust

We now ask our applicants to apply to The Idlewild Trust using our online application process.

  1. Please read our Application Guidelines to check you meet our criteria and your project fits our funding deadlines. The Application Guidelines also include our Terms and Conditions, introduced in February 2014. In Recent Grants, there are also details of previous grants awarded and the number of applications we receive.
  2. Please read Application Questions before applying.
  3. To start the application process, please click Apply

Deadlines for applications: 2013-2014:
23 September 2015 for a Trustees’ meeting in November 2015
11 February 2016 for a Trustees’ meeting in May 2016
8 September 2016 for a Trustees’ meeting in November 2016

On each date the deadline is midnight.

Please note:
If you have any queries about our online application process, please contact the office on 020 8772 3155 or