About us

The Idlewild Trust was founded in 1974 and awards grants of up to £5,000 to UK registered charities working in two areas:


Nurturing Young Professionals

East Neuk Retreat: photo: Colin Hattersley

What we fund


Works of Art and Objects

British Museum: Sarah Sophia Banks archive: photo: © Trustees of the British Museum


The Idlewild Trust awarded around £174,000 in 2022 (£108,000 in 2021).

We support programmes that address the lack of opportunities for professional musicians, dancers, actors, writers, artists and those involved creatively in the arts at an early stage in their career. 

We also support the conservation of important works of art and historic objects being lost through the lack of funds to look after these works.

Idlewild Trust believes that grants of up to £5,000 can have a positive impact in these areas.  We ask organisations receiving our grants to tell us the difference they make. We want to learn from our grant-making so we can use our funds in the most effective way.