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Deadlines for our Arts and Conservation funds:

In the light of the Covid-19 crisis, we have been focusing on working with organisations that applied to Idlewild Trust in 2020, and liaising with the charities that we have funded in the last 18 months.

The next Open Round for our Arts and Conservation Funds will be later in 2021. We will publish more information in Summer 2021 with anticipation that decisions will be given in November 2021. We need this time to consider how our funds will make the most difference and what funds we have available. We want to manage our Open Rounds in a way that doesn't waste time for charities applying, due to oversubscription and reduced funds. 

We cannot fund projects that are completed by the time of our decision.

Response to Covid-19 crisis:

We know that Covid-19 is putting a huge strain on charities and the work they do. This is how Idlewild Trust has responded:

1. Charities who received a grant from Idlewild Trust in May 2019 and November 2019:

We emailed these charities and said that the grants awarded by Idlewild Trust last year could be converted to unrestricted grants if the charities had not been able to undertake the project Idlewild funded.  We also agreed that monitoring reports due could be sent to us at a time that suits the charity.

2. Grants round (for our February 2020 deadline):

These applications were assessed and decisions were made in June and November 2020 with 33 organisations receiving grants totalling  £128,055  - we understand the time and effort that goes into each application and aimed to be fair and transparent in our decision-making.  The Trustees remain committed to re-opening its grants rounds later in 2021.

Emergency Funding:

The Heritage Fund has published information on its Heritage Emergency Fund here 

Important links to the Government and Arts Council's emergency funds are here.

Before applying: funding guidelines 

It is important that you read our Funding Guidelines before applying and these can be downloaded here. These guidelines will help you see if your organisation and project are eligible, and also include information on organisations and projects we cannot fund.

We can only fund projects from organisations that are UK Registered Charities, some UK Publicly Exempt Charities and Churches that are Excepted Charities. Full information on the types of charitable status is in the Funding Guidelines

Your project also needs to be within one of our two programmes: Arts: Nurturing Early-Stage Professionals or Conservation: Objects and Works of Art.

We also suggest you read our Frequently Asked Questions section before applying.